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Do you know why some taxi cabs are yellow?

Yellow taxi cabs are an iconic type of vehicle in the US. Yellow is also a popular taxi color in many other parts of the world where a bumblebee-bright yellow moving vehicle is instantly recognizable as a cab.


The thing is: Although not all cabs are yellow, it still is a classic color for many taxicabs. Why is this?


History goes well back into the 19th century, to one of the first automobile cabs in London, in the 1890s, the yellow electric cabs of Walter Bersey. At the time, Horse-drawn Hansom yellow cabs where already known to exist in Paris and London. In the United States it is debated how it all started but the most told story is that of the famous Taxi Cab Company of Chicago, founded between 1907 and 1910 by John D. Hertz. Before that, Hertz owned a 33% share in a firm of second-hand cars, a business that unfortunately, was in its infancy and was not very profitable at the time. Since his customers weren’t buyers of second-hand cars, he had to put on his thinking cap to find some way of disposing of them or making the earn their keep. Having driven a delivery wagon before, he figured that there should be money in the passenger delivery business.


Joy-riding was beginning to become popular at the time and families were taking to hiring a car for outgoings, specially on Sundays, and a few taxis were beginning to make their appearance.

Horse-drawn Hansom cabs where still the most popular conveyance for transporting passengers in Chicago by the time John Hertz stablished the new company, but things didn’t take long to change. Commencing with practically nothing, he built up not only the largest automobile livery business in the country, but also the largest automobile sales business in America.


According to the company, the color, as well as the name was selected by Hertz as a result of a survey by the University of Chicago which indicated it as the easiest color to spot, even though it is well known that he wasn’t the first operator to use that color.


This often told story usually ignores the fact that yellow taxi cabs had already appeared in various American cities before, for example, a men known as Albert Rockwell was operating a fleet of yellow cabs as early as 1909, and he went on to incorporate the Yellow Taxicab Co. in NYC in 1912. Rockwell had originally traveled to Europe in 1908 to evaluate their taxi systems in hope to develop a similar one.


Although the question of which was the first taxi cab operator to use that color is yet to be answered, there are many reasons why yellow taxi cabs have become popular, for example and besides the cultural reasons, according to a 2017 paper published in the the PNAS magazine, the color yellow for taxis is more noticeable, resulting in 9% fewer accidents.


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