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Tips for a safe taxi ride? Here is what you should know:

Having a safe taxi ride is something that everyone expects from a good taxi service and many travelers choose them as a primary method of getting around. You might be aware of the dangers of the road when driving, but what about those times when you’re not the person at the wheel?

Anytime you enter a taxi cab (And particularly to anything driven by someone else) You surrender a little control to another person.

Taxis are generally safer than many forms of public transportation, especially in places where buses are overcrowded, poorly run or unregulated, besides taxi drivers are often experts on safe and unsafe neighborhoods and what threats may lurk at your destination.

It doesn’t matter the reason why you chose to drive a taxi cab. Whether you need to go to work, school or get home after a party, we give you 5 tips for you to have the best travel experience:


  • Book or call a taxi instead of hailing one, although sometimes it is the only option, some independent taxi drivers work in partnership with thieves. It is better not to try your luck and always book a reliable service. Make sure the taxi number, or at least the company’s name and phone number, is visible on the vehicle before you attempt to get in.
  • Use authorized taxis only. If you are in a trip and not so sure how to spot one you can always ask a local or at the hotel lobby. Remember to ask for the common characteristics of legal taxi cabs in the area, as well as prices and tipping range.
  • If you are too drunk, don’t get in the cab alone. Although riding a cab is the best idea to get home after going out for some drinks, it is important that you always ride with someone else. If you’re too drunk, the ride in the cab may put you to sleep. The drink may also put you into a semi-conscious state which might be dangerous for you, especially if you don’t have a way to know if the cab you’re ridding is official.
  • Although a professional driver should always know how to get where you’re going, it is a good idea to have at hand the address and phone number of your destination written down and mention local landmarks the cab should pass. This will be helpful for the driver, and even if the driver knows a better route or one that avoids toll booths, ridding your way will make you feel more safe and comfortable.
  • Don’t try to fit more people into a cab than it can safely accommodate. It is not only potentially dangerous even in the case of a small accident, but you could also end up distracting the driver. Sit still and travel safe.

These are just some tips for having a nice ridding experience. Remember that the most important thing is always booking your trustworthy service beforehand.

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