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Importance of Hybrid Taxi Cabs for the preservation of the environment

There is an issue between the preservation of the environment and urban transportation that is paradoxical in nature: While transportation conveys many socioeconomic benefits it also impacts air quality and other environmental systems.


Conventional car transportation is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. In recent decades, the growth of personal and freight mobility has expanded the role of transportation in the urban life, and so has increased the emission of this pollutants and its multiple impacts on the environment.


The environmental impact of the taxi fleet is enormous.


There are direct, as well as indirect and cumulative impacts from transport activities. The complexities of the impacts have led to much controversy in environmental policy, the role of transportation and mitigation strategies. The best alternative for the preservation of the environment is by the use of green taxis, such as hybrid taxi cabs.


The primary cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, of which taxi fleets are the second largest contributors. Hybrid taxi cabs help to reduce cabs’ negative effects on the environment by the use of alternative power sources in addition to traditional engines. Hybrid Taxi Cabs release fewer emissions to the atmosphere by driving efficiently, they also don’t need any emission test and help tackling the climate change issue.


Hybrid taxi cabs also help to reduce noise pollution significantly because of their start-stop engine system: They wont idle when stationary with the engine on.

Switching to hybrid taxis has both significant economic and environmental benefits. They are not only the best alternative for reducing pollution, they are also the best alternative to a most comfortable and quieter ride.


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