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Alhambra: A city with long story on San Gabriel Valley.

Promises for gold where, back in the ninth century, an attractive lure for people to the fabulous lands of Alta California. While some people settled on the north, others moved to the south trails where they took possession of lands and stablished great ranchos and plantations of oranges and grapes. Much of that people stablished in what today is known as Alhambra.

Five years before the US independence, in 1771, a time where the territory of California was still under Spanish rule, the Mission San Gabriel Archangel (a Roman Catholic Mission founded by the Spanish priest Junípero Serra of the Franciscan Order) was granted the principal land within present Alhambra boundaries. At the time, there where no orchards or vineyards in San Gabriel Valley, only dry and uncultivated fields and a land at the east known as Yang-na (Today Los Angeles), a thing that changed within few years when acreage planted with oranges and grapes became common.

México won its independence from the Spanish crown in 1820 and lands once ruled by them became part of the first Mexican Empire, later the Republic of Mexico (And formally the United Mexican States). These lands where transferred to the United States of America in 1848 following the Mexican defeat in the so called Mexican-American war.

In the years following, orchardist of what would come to be known as Alhambra discovered that they could make more money subdividing their land to developers than growing citrus. One of those developers (Probably one of the wealthiest) Benjamin Davis Wilson, a trapper and trader originally from Tennessee who also helped to defend Los Angeles against the Mexican troops, married the daughter of Bernardo Yorba, a man who owned the land which would become Alhambra. By the time, Benjamin Davis Wilson had already taken an active part in local and state politics, he held several political offices from 1852 to 1864.

The name Alhambra came from Davis’s daughter Ruth who proposed it after the Washington Irving’s book “Tales of the Alhambra”, a text inspired by the author’s extended visit in the 1830’s to the Moorish Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

Alhambra was founded as a suburb of Los Angeles and remained an unincorporated area during the mid-19th century. From the 1870’s to 1890’s Alhambra experienced both a big growth (pushed by the Wilson and the other founding families) and economical stagnation (from an initial boom of visitors by the early 1880’s that sank through the decade). By the 1900’s with the work of more than 500 residents that hadn’t lost faith in their town Alhambra was incorporated into a city and became charted by 1915, one of the few charted cities in California.

Today Alhambra has one of the most diverse architecture in southern California and is home to Victorian, Arts and Crafts, English Revival, Spanish Revival, Art Deco and Mid-Century styles. It also hosts a large number of condominiums, rental apartments, and mixed-use residential/commercial buildings, especially in the downtown area.

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